How to Choose The Right Career?

Most of us go through this point in life where we don’t know what to do with our life. So, if you’re going through this right now, then have no fear and just stay with us here. We will share with you some of the tips to help you figure out the right career to choose and these tips are going to give you a bit more clarity.

We highly recommend that you actually mind map everything out on a big piece of paper and put it up on a wall. So, it’s really important that we turn this into a visual exercise because if we write down our thoughts and we display them, it’s going to help us in steering in the right kind of direction. So, the first tip is to write down a list of all of the skills that you possess, all sort of things you feel really confident in doing and also the sort of things that you really enjoy. So, make sure to spend quite a bit of time and if you get a little bit stuck, even consider bringing up a friend or family member and asking them what does they think you’re really skilled at and you’ll be surprised how long this list is gonna get.

The next tip is really important part of this exercise, which is to create a list of all of your weaknesses and your likes. So, think about the things that you’re not necessarily bad at, but you just drain your energy more, that you don’t enjoy doing and you wouldn’t want to do them for a long time or perhaps they’re quite anxiety provoking and they stress you out because you feel quite out of your depth.

Now, think about all of the things that you enjoy doing on a weekly basis and also think back to when you were younger, what sort of stuff did you love to do then, are you very Creative? Do you like to draw in your spare time? Do you love to be around people you’re very social and you’ve always been that way since you’re a child? Do you like to Write, read, be creative, but by yourself or maybe you love to perform and you’re in drama club at school you love to be involved in the school plays and when you were a child, you used to put on shows for family. However, think about all of the stuff that you genuinely enjoy that ignite your spark that energizes you and that you would love to do on a regular basis and you could see yourself doing for years and years to come Next tip is to write down a long list of adjectives to describe the kind of life that you want and write it in present tense, like, this life is creative, enjoyable, colorful, fun, adventurous, charismatic. Write out all sort of adjectives that you want in life to be, like, in the future, but writing it in present tense just changes the kind of mindset that you have. It puts you into a more proactive state of mind. So, think about what kind of life you want, what would your life look like and write down as many adjectives as you can possibly think of.

For the last tip, refer to the books that help you get through this. Like, the life plan by Scheiner Kennedy, which talks about being mindful of your core values or another book by Daniel the pot called the desire map which also can really help with this activity.

Write all the things what’s really important to you, what do you want to make sure you’re shaping your future around, what kind of job is going to fit around these core values and also embody them as well. Write and display them somewhere put them at the top of your wall or your mirror make sure that they are just screaming out at you because you want to keep these in mind when you’re thinking about what you want to do as a career or when opportunities come knocking, whether they’re going to be right for you.

Okay, now, it’s time to start brainstorming a range of suitable jobs for you. So, think about the kind of roles that perhaps are really new, such as using social media or maybe they’ve been around for a while such as being a clinical psychologist or a teacher think about what kind of jobs are going to mimic, what’s important to you what you’re good at what you enjoy doing, before you start, try to figure out a lot kind of role you would enjoy because just thinking about whether being a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or a psychologist could be fun.

But that is not enough, you really got to think about whether it’s in line with what you really want to do and how you really want to spend your time, whether that’s the best avenue for you to choose in order to add value into and leave your mark in this world. Just remember while doing this, you’re choosing a job that is meaningful to you and going to fuel your passions and your purpose. Do not do in order to please other people, it’s about creating a future that’s right for you and pleasing yourself. Be really open-minded here because nobody in school thought of being a youtuber, blogger or an entrepreneur that sort of stuff never crossed everyone’s mind but there are so many ways to utilize technology into different careers nowadays to create new jobs that never existed. Try and think outside the box and maybe there’s different kind of jobs that are only just starting to emerge that might also interest you.

We hope you find this exercise and the article really, so take your time, mind map everything that goes into your brain and just do it as guided.

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