How to Enable Facebook Messenger’s Secret Dark Mode on Android

How to Enable Facebook Messenger’s Secret Dark Mode on Android

 Messenger's Secret Dark Mode on Android

As we know Facebook Messenger-Text and Video Chat for free is Trending in #top free in play store which has been given Editors choice with  1billion+ Downloads and  now Messenger has launched a 
Secret Dark Mode on Android and now it is trending all over the world. I’m a tremendous fan of using “night mode” or ”dark mode” on my phone whenever possible in as many apps as possible

The dark mode has many benefits in Android smartphones like:

  • Readability gets better
  • Less the blue light means less harm to the eyes
  • Have a better contrast
  • It uses less battery
  • It looks amazingly dark
At F8 last year Facebook announced plans for the dark mode on Android and know it seems like the feature is ready for everyone and now its live in the setting except it is a secret rather than actual settings menu.

Enabling this secret dark mode in Android is quite unique, it is not like we go to settings and just have to enable a button.

You can enable it as You have to send the emoji of the moon to someone, specifically the half crescent.

Once you do it your screen will fill the half crescent emojis that you had sent to the same contact and a pop up will appear on upper side of your chat and it will inform you that you  have enabled the night mode and prompt you to go to your Settings menu to enable it(it won’t appear until you do this the crescent moon process)

First, it will look this without Enabling dark or night mode

Messenger's Secret Dark Mode on AndroidMessenger's Secret Dark Mode on Android

Now after enabling it will look super amazing like this

Messenger's Secret Dark Mode on Android Secret Dark Mode on Android

When you will enable this dark mode you will get a warning that its work is in progress and might not be available in Messenger for the time.

The good news is you actually don’t have to send that crescent moon to a friend. I unlocked the mode by messaging a Facebook bot, You can do it like this only.

I have been playing this all day, you probably won’t encounter too many of them.

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