Father’s Day Date 2019: Unique Father’s Day Celebration, Learn here..

Father’s Day Date 2019

Father’s Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. In most places, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world, which is to tell and tell the importance of a father to the children’s life. It was first observed on June 19, 1910, in Washington. But in 1972 it got official recognition. Along with this, the holiday was also announced on this day.

Father's Day Date 2019

When is Father’s Day

16 June 2019

Why we celebrate Father’s day

In most places, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. First of all, on 5 July 1908, Father’s Day was celebrated in Fairmont, West Virginia. Grace Golden Clayton was orphaned and he has tried for a long time to give special significance to this day. Around a month ago, on December 6, 1907, a mine (mines) accident killed nearly 210 people. Clayton thought to celebrate this day in memory of those 210 people. But regret did not take a break for this.

A second story is also heard behind Father’s Day celebrations. In 1910, on June 19, after the efforts of Washington’s Sonora Smart Dodd In 1909, after preaching at Mother’s Day in Spokane’s Church, Dodd felt that Father’s Day should be celebrated just like Mother’s. With the help of pastor Dr. Conrad Bluhm from the Old Santinie Presbyterian Church, this idea was taken from the Spokane YMCA. Where the Spokane YMCA and the Alliance Ministry agreed on this idea and Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1910.

How To Celebrate Father’s Day

The more important the role of the mother in the life of the child is as same as much as the father. But Mother’s Day Celebration is more visible. This is a good opportunity when you can thank your father for everything that has been achieved due to him. There is no popular method of celebrating it. While some people celebrate it by giving a gift, some people take a trip with Father and make them special by taking them to lunch or dinner.

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