How to Delete your Data From FaceApp

How to Delete your Data From FaceApp

Tech Expert believes that FaceApp is playing with your privacy instead of filter image. It is stealing your data and it is being sold to third parties too.

New Delhi: We all currently live in But, the ambition and eagerness of everyone are that what is going to happen in the coming days. In such a way, if you find out from a mobile application that you can look after 10 years, 20 years or 50 years then the craze for this app can be estimated. FaceApp is once again becoming viral all over the world. Millions of people have downloaded it. It is not that this has happened for the first time. Even when it was launched in 2017, millions of people had downloaded it. But, it is once again in the discussion.

However, once again the questions have been raised about it. Tech Expert believes that instead of filter image you are compromising your privacy. This mobile app is stealing your data and it is being sold to third parties too. Your privacy is in danger, so avoid the use of such an app. Seeing increasing protests, the CEO of Russia Wireless Lab, who has created this app, is now circulating interviewing CEOs.

In addition to the Edge filter in this app, beer and hair filter with color are also provided. Apart from this, there is an option of gender swipe. Due to these features, it is being discussed very well on social media. People are downloading it faster than it is being discussed. This app has received a great rating on the Google Play Store

What is the dispute?

Tech Expert says that during the term and condition, the user expects everything. But, the truth is that it accesses your face as well as personal data. The company’s policy is that it can share some of your information with other Institution or companies for the other purpose. The company sells cookie data to third party advertising.

How to delete data?

The Washington Post has written with reference to FaceApp CEO that you can download this application without giving details of the name and email id. It saves your photos in your cloud. But, the person who selects only uploads it with the filter. These photos live for 48 hours in their servers. He said that the data is not being sold to any company. But, deleting the application will not delete the store data in the cloud. In such a case, if you want to remove all your information and photos from the cloud, then the request must be entered.

How to do a request?

First, go to Settings in FaceApp. Here in the support option, select the report. Go to the subject line here and write Privacy. With this bug, the company will delete all your information from the cloud. At the moment, this information is not even on the company’s official website. FaceApp CEO said that work is being done in this direction.

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