How to Get a Verification Badge on TikTok 2019


TikTok awards verification badges only to the most authentic, popular and influential users. Although TikTok’s official verification criteria are under wraps, this wikiHow will teach you how to gain a loyal fan base that increases your chances of getting a royalty. [1] This is not to be confused with the verification of your phone number, which allows you to access additional features on TikTok, including sending direct messages, adding people to the Find Friends tab, and leaving comments about the live music. Streams / Videos of others.

1) Share high-quality videos. A high-end phone camera is usually fine enough to record high-quality video content, but you can really shine when you switch to something more professional. To go the extra mile, invest in a tripod so your videos never get shaky, and an external microphone to make your audio sound flawless.

  • No matter what type of camera you use, your videos should always be vertical – do not let your TikTok co-users hang their heads to watch your videos sideways.
  • If your video is extremely high quality and stands out from the crowd, it can be a feature. You will know if you have been shown on the TikTok start page when you receive a notification, and the word Featured (with this specific formatting) will appear above the TikTok caption.
2) The research showed videos to see what’s popular. Do your favorite musicians stick to specific topics (e.g., comedy, a particular singer)? Are their videos consistent in length? Do you use certain film techniques? Which hashtags do they use? Try to mimic how mushers advertise their own content with featured videos, and then try these techniques with your own.
  • You can find the featured content on the homepage of TikTok. Tap the start icon on the main screen to visit it and then tap “For You” or “Recommended”.
3) Close friendships with other users. Your number of fans is one of the main factors in getting a verification exam. Be social with others! Follow your favorite users and send them messages if you think you have something in common. And if you like what someone does, then tell him. People love compliments, compliments get followers, and followers tell you about TikTok.
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4) Be consistent. Give your followers no reason to forget that you exist. Keep uploading high-quality videos on a regular schedule so your followers have something to look forward to.
  • Consistency means branding, so use the same username as other social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
5) Use trend trends and relevant hashtags. Hashtags make it easy for people to find the kind of videos they want to see. Adding a trending hashtag to your video could bring you many new viewers – your videos can even become viral!
6) Aims to entertain. Users attract crowds by having fun and being unique. Be alive and engage with the music and your surroundings in a new and exciting way. Give people a reason to keep coming back to your videos. Use your talents, artistic abilities, and your positive personality to push your videos to the limit.

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