How to write an SEO friendly article?

How to write an SEO friendly article?

SEO friendly article

Many of blogger face the situation where they are not getting any traffic because of their poor technique of article writing and they feel demotivated and leave the most advanced platform of blogging, but I want to tell you that if you work smarter rather than working harder you’ll get to know that how much money you can actually make via bloggers.

So this is the topic that we will discuss today how to write an SEO friendly article to boost your traffic and if you work in the same way you will get good results in blogging. This will also increase your SEO score.

Now we will see that What is the technique and how to implement it on any blog…

A ProBlogger always look into ahref before writing an article, if you don’t know what it is. It is the largest and most commonly used paid SEO tool. You have to the same thing with other SEO tools which are free like Google Search Console, google analytics,, Google Keyword Planner e.t.c but in All of these tools you have to work little harder than paid ones.

Before writing an article search for the most searched keywords in the SEO tools I mentioned above, you can search five to ten keywords and then see their annual monthly traffic and computation. You may find more and more keywords with the help of your chosen keywords.

After choosing keywords, search the keywords on google and see the top ten results showing on the first page of Google search and note down the websites and also make a list of the articles on the website. Now, look carefully into those websites that what are the keywords used in the blog so it is ranking on google search and also see the length of the articles make an average of that.

Look at everything that has been used by the writer of the article and additional keywords which are used in the following article. It is the most important step to do it carefully.

Look that what the article is showing and how it is ranking above all the articles, this is also necessary to understand.

If the competitor’s article har two thousand words you can make an article bigger than that approx of three thousand words but the content should be relevant and should be loved by the people who are searching for it.

Tip: For WordPress users who are new to blogging 
If you want to create a simple website from any of the free domain and free hosting. By installing WordPress on it, you will be able to add yoast SEO.
Activate the plugin and if you write anything, you will see the plugin in the dashboard. the yoast plugin keeps indicating that you are making a mistake while writing the article. This plugin is very useful for new bloggers.

Check the backlinks of the article list you have made with the help of SEO tool and try to make more and more backlink as possible to boost your SEO score.
By which you will start getting good traffic from those keywords. Now it will take time, but you will get the benefit.

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