How Big is Samsung?

To answer in brief, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is currently world’s tallest building and Petronas Towers, two iconic skyscrapers in Malaysia, turns out that Samsung has built these.

During 1938, the Western financial system was still recovering from one of the greatest crashes in history and the Second World War was about to break out, but regardless that, a lesser-known man by the name of Lee Chou was about to change the course of history. He founded a little company called Samsung a trading company that dealt with local groceries and had 40 employees. At the time, the company produced noodles then expanded into sugar and then wool and by the late 1950s the company had moved into insurance securities and retail. In the late 1960s Samsung moved into electronics and the first ever product by Samsung Electronics was a 12-inch black-and-white TV in 1970. By 1983 the first Samsung computer had arrived. In the 90s Samsung began to rise as an international force in many industries.

The company went on becoming market leaders by learning the trades of various industries and also one of the most versatile companies in world history. Today many of us use Samsung products in our daily lives from TVs to computers to cameras to fridges and kitchenware to the chips that run our mobile phones to the actual phones themselves.

Samsung is much bigger than you think, since 1993 Samsung Electronics has been the largest producer of memory chips in the world. In fact, the original iPhone and numerous other devices run on Samsung manufactured chips. In 2011 Samsung became the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

From 2006 Samsung remained the largest television manufacturer in the World and also largest manufacturers of LCD panels and today 98% of the AMOLED screen market is dominated by Samsung. The company spent 14 billion dollars in research and development in just 2014. It has four hundred ninety thousand employees, more employees than Apple Google and Microsoft combined. In 1995 Samsung invested two million dollars into the clothing brand FUBU which has generated six billion dollars in sales since then.

In terms of money, the company made 305 a billion dollars in revenue in 2014, whereas Apple’s revenue during 2014 was actually 183 billion and Google’s revenue that time was only 66 billion. Samsung is 17 percent of Korea’s entire GDP.

Samsung is actually made up of 80 different businesses and affiliates. Some of them under the category of engineering and construction, they have Samsung engineering and construction, Samsung trading and investment and Samsung Heavy Industries. For electronics, they have Samsung Electronics, Samsung electro-mechanics, techwin-a military arm, Samsung mobile display and Samsung digital imaging to name a few. For Finance, they have Samsung life insurance, securities, investment trust management, venture investment. There’s also a chemical branch of petrochemicals and BP chemicals. A marketing company called Sherrill industries too. It also has a hotel and resort business, a medical center, Economic Research Institute, a foundation of culture a life and welfare foundation. In a joint venture at Renault, the company has been making cars for 20 years and the list goes on.

As we’ve already mentioned that Samsung build skyscrapers but what else now. Well, under Samsung’s techwin, the company also does surveillance, Aeronautics, automations and weapons technology. Under weapons, Samsung has made a South Korean military robot, designed to replace human counterparts in the Demilitarized Zone at the south and north Korean border. Samsung has also made the k-9 a full-fledged army tank. And to add to it more, it also makes jet engines.

Samsung Heavy Industries has the most efficient shipbuilding center in the entire world, which is over 400 million square feet in size. These are some of the ships that Samsung has built over the years, as you can see by comparing them to a regular ship, these are absolute giants colossal, floating cities almost.

If all this is not enough, Samsung runs the biggest theme park in Korea, which completes with the zoo and other crazy things. Samsung’s size is so big that there’s even a Samsung city. This city contains a few of the company’s businesses. Some other things include their very own clothing line and a brand-new research lab for drones, robotics, 3d printing and virtual reality. The cool thing about this lab is, it is actually going to be part of Samsung’s mobile division but it’s going to operated independently and it’s going to build on the work that Samsung has done through their robot vacuum cleaners and let’s not forget virtual reality in general, the gear VR was the first proper mobile virtual reality headset.

By now you know that, Samsung does more than just TVs, fridges and phones, they do pretty much everything. The same company that dominates the smartphone industry, also makes jet engines and military equipment, builds some of the world’s biggest ships, built the world’s biggest skyscraper and has a medical research facility, plus a theme park, a finance institution and the list goes on and on and on.

It’s said that every year of Samsung donates one hundred million dollars to its nonprofit Medical Center which consists of several hospitals and medical research facilities.

So, in conclusion it would seem that Samsung is the kind of company that tries their hand at almost everything and chooses to observe and iterate until they get better and eventually become the market leaders.

In all honesty it is amazing how much of a dark horse this company is. It wouldn’t be any surprising if most people out there are only aware of Samsung Electronics and their home Appliances. It’s amazing to think that all of this just started from one man with his small trading company dealing in groceries. So, if you have a Samsung phone, the next time you look at it, it might just seem a little bit different now that you know the true size of the company that made it.

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