Top High Paying Cpc Keywords In India –

High CPC keyword list in India 2019

Hello everyone, if you have to build a website and have monetized it by google adsense and you have a good amount of traffic but your earning is very low 

The main reason could be the CPC (Cost Per Click ) of your website is low as it depends on the money the company is ready to spend on their ads and there are some companies which are spending a good amount on their ads.
 By this, the CPC of the ads goes higher.

So, if you were getting $0.5 dollars from one click if you will youse this keyword you will get above $25 

Top High Paying Cpc Keywords In India -
Top High Paying CPC Keywords In India –

So this is the remedy we have taken today. Just because you reduce it to top CPC keyword which has more traffic and CPC too. But keep in mind that its competition should be low.

And at the same time, you have observed that many of the topics on which we write articles are related on our website and the ads are displayed. So this increases our earning chances.

So let’s know about those high cpc ads list

Which is especially google keywords.

Top high paying CPC keywords list in India and all world

Online Criminal Justice Degree                        $60.4

Donate Your Car Sacramento                           $118.20
Donating a Car in Maryland                              $98.20

Donating Used Cars to Charity                         $93.17

Email Bulk Service                                            $92.55

Forensics Online Course                                  $93.51
Forex Trading Platform                                   $20

Donate Old Cars to Charity                             $94.55

Hard drive Data Recovery Services                 $98.59

Health Records, Personal Health Record           $40

World Trade Center Footage                          $95.02

Webex Costs                                                     $92.38

Virtual Data Rooms                                        $83.18

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High CPC Keywords in India

Structures Annuity Settlement                   ($100.8)

Sell Annuity Payment                                  ($107.46)

Royalty Free Images Stock                         ($92.76)

Register Free Domains                                ($92.03)

Psychic for Free                                           ($94.61)

PHD on Counseling Education                     ($92.99)

High CPC Keywords in India

Personal Injury Lawyers                              ($66.53)

Personal Injury Law Firm                            ($60.56)

Paperport Promotional Code                        ($95.13)

Online Stock Trading                                     ($35)

Online Motor Insurance Quotes                    ($95.73)

Donate your Car for Money                           ($94.01)

Online Colleges                                                ($95.65)

Neuson                                                            ($92.89)

Online Classes                                                    ($95.06)

Nunavut Culture                                                ($99.52)

50 High CPC Keywords in India

Online College Course                                        ($78)

Motor Replacements                                           ($98.43)

Motor Insurance Quotes                                    ($68.61)

Mortgage Adviser                                               ($91.29)

Met Auto                                                              ($93.70)

Mesothelioma Law Firm                                     ($179)

Massage School Dallas Texas                              ($94.90)

Low Credit Line Credit Cards                            ($94.49)

Life Insurance Co Lincoln                                   ($97.07)

Insurance Companies                                            ($52)

Injury Lawyers                                                      ($60.79)

How to Donate A Car in California                     ($111.21)

Home Phone Internet Bundle                               ($93.32)

Holland Michigan College                                     ($95.74)

Health Records, Personal Health Record              ($40)

Hard drive Data Recovery Services                       ($98.59)

Donate Old Cars to Charity                                    ($94.55)

Forex Trading Platform                                            ($20)

Forensics Online Course                                           ($93.51)

Email Bulk Service                                                    ($92.55)

Donating Used Cars to Charity                                ($93.17)


conclusion :- 

From this artical, you have come to know how you can earn a very good earning from less traffic and fewer clicks i.e. monthly $200 to $400  by using top high cpc keywords given in this artical.

So friends, if you liked this article of yours and enjoyed learning something new, please share these artical with your friends.
So that they could earn a good income like you.

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