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Yuvraj Singh retired from international cricket, remembered the full journey in a video message

After defeating the cancer World Cup 2011 hero. The champion Yuvraj Singh finally retired from cricket. Immediately before the official announcement, the UV released a sentimental video message. Yu, who named his retirement as ‘Stepping out’, remembered his entire cricket journey through this video. In this, he also told the three most important moments of his career.

In the video shared by Yuvraj, along with his father Jograj Singh and mother were also seen.

Yuvraj looks with his father at the beginning of the video message. In this, Yograj takes them to all those places where the journey of Yuvraj started. For instance, the old house that Yuvraj calls ‘semi-jail’ His school and cricket ground from where the Yuvi started playing cricket.

Yuvraj said that initially, he liked skating. But due to skating, Yograj became angry with him. Yuvi explains that once he got the gold in skating, the father threw the medal. On which Yuvi was quite unhappy Then later his father asked him to go to cricket.

Three special moments in Yuvi’s career.

Yuvraj also told the three most important moments of his cricket career in the video. It included winning the 2011 World Cup, putting six sixes and the first Test century. UV has described the Wankhede Stadium as the most special in its career.

Defeated Cancer

In the message, he tells that he never gave up with cancer. He said that he did not feel that any disease could beat him. During that time, UV’s mother handled and comforted her. Yuvraj said that apart from his parents, Guru Baba Ram Singh is the most important person in his life.

His Mother was always there.

In the video, UV told that his mother is always standing in the resort. UV explains that the mother never saw his match because he felt that whenever he used to watch his match, he would have been out.
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